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Welcome to customer service, we care, that's why we have this page !

jewelry items are shipped via priority mail with signature confirmation for a flat fee of         $ 6.60 which is the actual cost we are charged by the postal service.
Use your Visa, MasterCard or American Express Card to pay for your purchases.

items we make and sell on this website can be returned within 15 days for a full refund [excluding cost for shipping, taxes and commissions] less 10% for administering.  

items returned after 15 days but within 30 days can be returned for a credit [excluding cost for shipping, taxes and commissions] or can be exchanged for something of equal value. an 6 dollar fee is charged for each shipping occurrence.

don't forget to ask for delivery confirmation at the post office and always put a copy of your credit card receipt in the box.

if you decide to keep the item, a full one year  warranty applies. always save your credit card receipt to validate your purchase in case you experience a problem.

our watches have the same warranty, however, water damage, surface scratches, crystal and battery are not covered. 

if your watch stops, always check the battery first, do so locally at the mall or Sears, Radio Shack etcetera. if it is not the battery, mail your watch to the address on the bottom of this page. include a check for
12 dollars made out to: WC Design
If your watch is less than a year old and you have proof of purchase and your warranty card, the 12 dollars will waived.

if you are not sure if your repair is covered by the warranty, simply eMail us an explanation and we let you know. eMail  o4u@objects4u.com

after your watch warranty has expired and your watch movement needs to be repaired or the crystal needs to be replaced, we will replace the entire watch head with a brand new one at cost which is 21 dollars. to request this service, mail your watch to the address at the bottom of this page and request a new "watch head assembly"
include a check for
26 (21+5) dollars made out to: WC Design
questions? eMail  o4u@objects4u.com

if you have an accident with your earrings and the posts are broken off, we will fix those for free. simply mail the earrings (always include both) to the address on the bottom of this page. please include a check for 5 dollars [cost for priority mail] made out to:
WC Design

sometimes an earring is lost and we will be happy to  sell you a mate if the earrings is available on this website. send us a note with the style number, a photocopy of your earring, your address and a check for 26 (21+5) dollars made out to: WC Design

Remember, its customer service, so calling us is OKwe might not be in all the time, but we do care. for fast results, always eMail  o4u@objects4u.com

most common mistake:  not including your return address and phone number.

to get best service:  eMail us your concern before sending us your item.

when sending anything with the postal service always request  a delivery confirmation,
however do not ask for a signature, we are not always here to sign for packages and there is a good chance it will come back to you. Same for postage due packages.

we travel a lot, so please remember, turn-a-round for returns and repairs is 4 to 6 weeks.

thanks for making us part of your life.
mail repairs to: WC Design Studio   PO Box 357549   Gainesville   Florida   32635-7549   USA

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