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important books / about food
The Food Lover's Companion
 Comprehensive Definitions of Food, Wine and Culinary
Terms  (Barron's Cooking Guide)  by Sharon Tyler Herbst

If you like good food and go to a nice restaurant from time to time but don't understand the language on the menu or are to embarrassed to ask in front of your friends, have no fear, this little gem of a book is all you need to broaden your culinary horizon and be well versed when challenged by the Maitre D'

What is
Melba Sauce, Pots de Crème or Rollmops, not to mention Profiterole or Rocambole. Whit this book you will have all the answers and learn about Haute Cuisine at the same time.

This book is an excellent resource to have on hand in the kitchen. It is arranged like an  encyclopedia, so you can easily search for any culinary term. Not sure what it means to butterfly a cut of meat ? Look up definitions or instructions. Never heard of Tellycherry ? Get more information and learn. Want to know more about Muscadet wine? Check out the detailed description.  There is so much valuable information in this book, sometimes it is fun just to browse through it ! This is the perfect book if you love food, like to cook and want to learn.  -Culinary trivia at its best :-) -KW-

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important books / about people
Gogh is gone !
Original Stories
Nancy  Freyburger

Like the wild amusement park ride you can't wait to line up for again,
Nancy Freyburger's original stories in Gogh is gone will change the way you view the "characters" you encounter on life's path. Her protagonists interact with artists, faith-healers, gamblers, addicts, Buddhists, actors, club kids, Elvis impersonators, and dysfunctional family members with a zen-like acceptance. Her palette blurs high camp and high fashion. And her eccentric characters will have you looking at life's twists in a new light. Indulge yourself with this collection of hilarious stories that embrace the uniqueness of each human soul. We love the book! Nancy Freyburger's characters and their stories are just quirky, macabre, and down-to-earth enough to be believable -- somewhere, in someone's life. We recommend this book to anyone who loves John Irving and his characters.

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