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Welcome to our complete "Set" page. some sets include one of our fabulous quartz watches,  a pin and a pair of earrings. some sets are earrings and pin only, and some include a necklet, make your choice, whatever it is, they look fantabulous,   
 and make great gifts as well.
The pieces in each
"Set" are carefully selected and substitutes are not permitted.

 include a pair of earrings and a fabulous necklet
a black stainless steel
cable with a  magnetic clasp

3 sizes

   SEP305 / $ 88.00
available with 16, 18 or 20" cable

 SEP307 / $ 91.00
available with 16, 18 or 20" cable

want a watch ?

These   sets   includes a pair of earrings and a fabulous pin

  SEP285G / $ 72.00

SEP285K / $ 72.00

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